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Don't Lose Faith, Move Position.

'The eye should learn to listen before it looks'.

Robert Frank

I cannot confine myself at this point to a single style of photography. There's way to much out there to find and focus on, yet on occasion I have lost focus and enthusiasm with the shooting process. Sometimes its a case of putting the camera down for a day or two, draw a few pictures, maybe switch off from photography and the creative mindset and then return with a fresh head. More often than not its a case of just moving on to another environment that piques one's interest.

I am currently working on a product shoot of a local artist's artwork. What at first seemed an easy brief very quickly became far more complex. The artwork is made up of hundreds/thousands of sequins that shimmer. These creations are bold statement pieces and try as I might, still images just didn't work. Sure, I could monkey around with post edit and effects, but before I even started, I knew what these images really needed was movement, either from GIFs or video. I'm not a video kinda guy - up until now - but a camera on a tripod shooting video instead of stills isn't that far removed. This change of focus pushed me into unknown territory, and if I'm honest, this is where I perform the best. Now armed with video shots I have had to learn new skills in post, but it all adds to the rich tapestry and journey I have chosen to follow. Switching focus from the original plan yielded a more positive outcome. One that both client and me are happy with.

The reason I mention the above is because the same thing happened a few days ago after a trip to Brighton. I had finished work and didn't want to get stuck in the Friday rush hour commute. Armed with camera and spare time I took to the streets of Brighton for a bit of urban photography. This is one of my favourite genres, but on this occasion I just wasn't feeling it. Maybe its the familiar, but I felt utterly uninspired, so much so I bagged my camera and feeling somewhat deflated, went to grab a pint. A professional brief is one thing, but there is always a shot to be had somewhere when not constrained to a particular subject. Whilst I mulled over this detail, it occurred to me that I hadn't been to Shoreham docks for some time. Great light, an almost alien landscape at night and an other worldly energy had me grab my bag and make my way along the coast. By the time I arrived I had missed the closing daylight, but now it was a case of capturing as much detail onto the sensor - handheld - in extremely lowlight conditions, and of course, finding a good spot. It's rare for the water to be as calm as a mill pond, but tonight I found myself in the lucky position of some wonderful reflections. Well, after feeling deflated, I returned home with a few shots I was happy with.

There is always a shot.


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